3rd European
Engineers Day 2017

Engineers’ impact is visible in every aspect of human life: Through increasingly more sophisticated inventions, techniques and equipment Engineers enhance and irrevocably change society. Overcoming the challenges of today’s societal developments will thus, to a considerable degree, depend on the availability of excellent engineering solutions.

Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik

FEANI General Assembly and accompanying events

The Austrian National Committee is honored to welcome you, the FEANI members’ representatives, to Vienna. Apart from General Assembly you will have the pleasure to get to know the capital of Austria – get inspired by the traditional “Kaffeehauskultur” (culture of coffee houses) as well as the famous “Wiener Gemütlichkeit” (Viennese cosiness) and take the opportunity to visit sights like the Spanish Riding School, Schloss Schönbrunn …